Welcome to the Skydel plug-ins documentation!

Having a feature request for Skydel? Thinking you can do the work yourself? We got you, teaming up with Skydel has never been that easy! With the addition of the new plug-in framework, users can now develop features and integrate them into the Skydel user interface and real-time simulation engine.

You want to start working on your Skydel plug-in? The first step is to follow the instructions on how to setup the development environment on either Ubuntu or Windows.

Having trouble figuring out how plug-ins are integrated in Skydel? This page explains it all.

SDK and Examples on GitHub

The source code located on GitHub includes the software development kit(SDK) and multiple plug-in examples.


You want your plug-in to be featured in the Skydel Plug-ins GitHub repository? Send us a pull request!


Having questions? Let us know on the Learn Orolia forum!