Welcome to the Skydel custom signal documentation!

The Custom Signal feature allows the user to create his own personalized signals and attach them to GNSS satellites, so that they are streamed alongside with regular GNSS signals. The purpose of this feature is to give a tool to advanced users that want to design GNSS or non-GNSS (like LEO constellation signals) end evaluate their performance. It avoids the burden for the user to design an engine that will simulate the dynamics of the satellites, of the vehicle and all the effects of the environment (atmospheric effects, multipath, jamming, spoofing). He can focus all his efforts on the design and architecture of the signal itself.

How can you begin working on your Skydel Custom Signal? The first step is to follow the instructions on how to setup the development environment on either Ubuntu or Windows.

Are you having trouble figuring out how Custom Signal are integrated in Skydel? This page explains it all.

SDK and Examples on GitHub

The source code located on GitHub includes the software development kit (SDK) and multiple custom signal examples.


Do you have questions? Let us know on the Learn Orolia forum!

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